Entry #1

An introductory post

2010-02-03 22:02:48 by Rainfallen

I've been submitting songs on NG for a while now, and I thought, "Hey, maybe I should actually post something here."
Dubious that anyone will actually read this, I'm left here uncertain what to say. I would like to say that I will be enforcing a 'song-a-week' music blog, but we both know that it's unlikely.

I hope to be adding a couple new things soon, and will be slowly making a transition from 'computer-generated FL Studio songs' to 'recorded sessions with REAL GUITAR!' Hopefully we'll be seeing THAT change soon.

Oh, my name is Kevin, not to be oblivious to my post title.


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2010-02-07 06:05:42

Bitch ples, we dun wan you her if ya don mak techno shit!!!!!


2011-04-19 21:29:57

Yeah Kev, give us overplayed techno wanna be music!